After School Activities and Burnout

Apr 28, 2022 | 0 comments

For millions of parents around the world, the day doesn’t end with the school bell. There are pictures to draw, songs to sing, and games to play. All of this helps keep kids happy, safe, and trouble-free. But parents need to avoid going overboard.

No babysitting after school:
Extracurricular activities flourish only when supported by the full involvement of parents. What would a football game be without parents cheering for their little hero on the sidelines?

Research and selection:
Instead of making convenience a deciding factor, find out what interests your child. Once you’ve chosen a program, read the fine print and find out what you need to contribute.

Free time:
Many kids take piano lessons first, then ballet, and take some time out to compete before rushing home to bed. This harshness is too much for a child. so slow.

When to stop:
Often, parents sign up their kids for an activity until they realize they might not be the prodigies they thought they were. It’s time to let go. Your child may not be the next child prodigy. But let him develop interests he likes. Remember that happiness and contentment are the most important things.

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